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 Melody Cartwright wants to bring your voice to Richmond!

The 48th District needs a fresh voice for real policies that are going to lower your taxes, lower your grocery bills, and bring down your costs. Real, impactful policies that don't get caught up in partisan politics. She will work hard to make sure everyone receives a fair and impartial path to the basic right to live with better standards in the entire 48th district.

Your Rights and Personal Freedoms

Melody believes that no one should interfere with your right to make decisions about your own body and that government should stay out of personal conversations between you and your doctor. Personal freedoms for everyone are guaranteed in the Constitution and shouldn't be interfered with by politicians more interested in garnering votes than the health and lifestyle of each individual.

Fund Our Schools

Our children are our future and they deserve our support. The Cartwright family has a long history of educators in Martinsville, VA and now in Danville, VA as well. Melody believes in fully funding and staffing our public school systems as a critical priority for the state budget, which she will fight for more appropriate funding in Richmond. For too long, Virginia's rural school systems have struggled for funding with outdated buildings, inadequate teacher salaries, and not enough help from Richmond. Melody will be your voice in the General Assembly for safe, quality schools that will graduate the next generation of Virginia leaders. 

Affordable Housing and Healthcare

Do you ever feel like the bills just keep coming? Do you feel like you struggle to stay afloat? You need an advocate in Richmond who will do more than cut taxes for the wealthy and powerful. Melody will fight for access to healthcare and lower costs, bringing medical services back to Southside so that everyone can receive the care they need. Melody will work to bring quality housing into our communities so that everyone has a decent, affordable roof over their heads and will demand access to homeownership for those that have been priced out by rising costs. 


Melody Cartwright believes in healthy communities.


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